Fact-Checking Policy

Parkland Talk is part of Talk Media LLC has been providing original News, Views, and Political coverage since 2011. First Place Winner of the Florida Press Club’s Online Independent Website in 2014, 2015, 2018, and 2019.

We are aggressive in our fact-checking and sourcing and go to great lengths to present correct, accurate information on time.  Our staff is committed to making sure our news stories are unbiased and share both sides of the story.

Before any article is written, we ensure the information is new and accurate. Reporters must be precise with their words, headlines, and URLs. This includes identifying information such as names and positions, but also includes factual statements and accounts.

Reporters at Parkland Talk conduct their own fact-checking using their own judgment guided by the ethics policy. Business Insider will use fact-checkers in certain circumstances it deems warranted.

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