Please Read Before Submitting News

Thank you for contacting the #1 News Source for Parkland, Florida!  Talk Media has been covering news in Parkland since 2012, and we know the community.  We were here before, during, and after the tragic events of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting and didn’t just jump in to capitalize on this awful tragedy.

We want to share your news with the community, so here are a few things to know:

No flyers, please. Parkland Talk covers News, Sports, and Events with stories that interest the local community. If you would like to submit a story, keep in mind that although your nonprofit or business is important, Parkland Talk cannot always promote your event. To promote all of the business and charities that ask us would take away from current events.

Details: If you are submitting a story or event, please ensure that it has sufficient details about it. It should include at least 150 words with date, time, and location. If the event is in Parkland, you will have a better chance of getting it published. Information about the organization and background is important. Cost and a quote are always helpful. A photo will be asked to be sent if the story is used.

Parkland Talk is a sponsored site and, through the support of our advertisers, allows us to pay our writing staff. Your event may be classified as promotional and not as news.

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