do the right thing awards
Award recipient Gabriel Escobar with his family, UM-NSU CARD’s Lori Wise, Coconut Creek Police Department officers, and Monarch Principal James Cecil {Coconut Creek Police Department Facebook}

By Bryan Boggiano

The Coconut Creek Police Department honored six people who stepped up and helped others at their Jan. 25 Do The Right Thing Awards.

According to Scott Leamon, public safety information officer, the department recognizes five students and one teacher in the city each month.

“[The Do The Right Thing Awards] recognizes the best of the best when it comes to kids and teachers in Coconut Creek,” he said.

To receive the honor, a student or teacher must either be affiliated with a school in the city, live in the city, or have some other connection to Coconut Creek.

Leamon stated, for example, if a student goes to Pompano Beach High School but either volunteers or goes to church in the city, they are eligible for the award.

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