Photo by Katia Medina @PhoDography

By: Claire Cornish

Gucci is an enthusiastic, eager young dog in the prime of his life. He listens well and has some skills in the obedience department. All he’s been missing in his life is a human of his own.

He misses having a lap to lay his head on, or a person to greet at the front door at the end of the day.

Gucci is loyal, smart and just can’t wait for you to find him. He says to Parkland residents: “I can’t wait to meet you and give you kisses.”

He can be found at Broward County Animal Care and Adoption, 2400 SW 42nd Street, Fort Lauderdale from 11 am – 6 pm Tuesday – Sunday. His ID number is A1936521.

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Claire Cornish
Claire Cornish
Claire Cornish is a freelance writer, half marathon runner, and volunteer at Broward County Animal Care & Adoption. She is the proud mom of Callie the Labrador and a proud sister of Simon the Labrador mix.

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