Gino Tan and Kurt Kuhn


By: Sharon Aron Baron

An elderly woman lost $5,000 in jewelry after two men posing as water company workers distracted her while they were inside her home.

Coral Springs Police have charged Gino Tan, 48, of Lighthouse Point, and Kurt Kuhn, 37, of North Lauderdale, of stealing a diamond wedding band, a one-carat diamond engagement ring with baguettes and an additional white gold blue sapphire diamond ring.

According to police, on October 27 around 3:00 p.m. two men posing as workers outside of the Hamptons on Heron Bay apartments told the female victim they were completing work on an outside water line and were able to earn her trust to gain entry into her home.

Once inside, they disconnected her garbage disposal and told her to remove water from her sink. After she touched the kitchen sink, they convinced her that she was contaminated. She was then told to remove her rings and place them in a glass of milk. The rings were then removed from the glass without her knowledge prior to both men exiting the home and the immediate area. 

After the crime, the victim met with police and reviewed information which contained images of several individuals known to engage in distraction thefts along with other crimes of opportunity. At the time, she was unable to make an identification. 

On November 9, after reviewing information from multiple jurisdictions, a Coral Springs Police detective received a notification that a man had just been arrested who was involved in a similar incident in Boca Raton.  The subject was identified as Gino Tan.  A week later, a second subject was identified as Kurt Kuhn. 

The victim was provided two separate photographic lineups where she was presented photos, in no particular order, and identified the two suspects.  She was 50 percent certain that Kurt Kuhn was the accomplice with whom she met with during the incident who was working under the sink inside of her residence.  She also told police that she was 75 percent certain that Gino Tan was the person whom she interacted with during the criminal incident. 

Police attempted to speak to Kuhn regarding the incident, however, he would not speak to them. 

Probable charge affidavits were filed for both Tan, who is currently being held at the Palm Beach County’s Main Detention Center on a multitude of charges, and for Kuhn, held at the main Broward County jail where he also faces multiple charges including burglary and the abuse of the elderly.


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