big Red golf tournament
Todd Widom with Seth Fellman at the Parkland Golf & Country Club. {courtesy}

By: Jen Russon

Golfers at a charity event were “seeing red” at the Parkland Golf and Country Club during the third annual BigRed2 tournament.

Ginger-haired co-chairmen Seth Fellman and Todd Widom raised $18,000 for Jacob’s Shoes and N.I.C.K.’s Camp, and Kathleen McCrorie was the winner of a Bentley rental for the weekend of her choice.

Widom and Fellman said they were delighted with how their charity event played out this year. Last year was literally a washout, with rain canceling the event; this year, however, there was a huge increase in country club members registering.

“I don’t know if it was cabin fever from COVID or what, but our first year doing the event, only 33 percent of club members signed up. This third year, it was 70 percent,” said Fellman.

Fellman is CEO of the Morlin Hospitality Group. Widom is a former tennis pro turned coach, and both joked about how they are often mistaken for brothers.

Widom said when he moved from Coral Springs to Parkland seven years ago, it wasn’t long before someone at the Parkland Golf & Country Club suggested there was another red-haired gentleman he really ought to meet.

“Even though I’m a generation younger, we share a lot in common,” said Widom.

He described how the two loved to golf and were dismayed one day to find they couldn’t enjoy their favorite sport due to a charity event in progress.

“We decided, ‘hey, we should do our own charity event,’” said both men, recounting the day the idea for BigRed2 was born.

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