By Sharon Aron Baron

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of crimes and other Parkland incidents through April 19, 2021.

Burglary Conveyance

NW 77th Dr – Lakes at Parkland

On April 14, the victim alleged unknown suspect(s) entered her 2021 Audi Q5, which was unlocked, and stole two wallets. Tot. Est. Loss: $300. 

Desare Kohn Lasky

NW 62nd Way – Mayfair

On April 14, the victim alleged unknown suspect(s) entered his 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which was unlocked, and stole a wallet with contents. 

NW 63rd Ter – Ternbridge

On April 14, an unknown suspect entered the victim’s unlocked BMW and ransacked the glove box and center console. No items were reported taken. The neighborhood was canvassed, and several cameras were found on residences. 

Burglary Residence

Waves Way – Cascata

On April 17, the homeowner left for work, and when he returned home, he discovered his home had been burglarized of approximately $25,000 in property cash and firearms were taken. Two unknown male subjects are seen on video inside the home with flashlights, wearing hoodies.  The subjects entered a kitchen window and exited a side door. During an area canvass, it was discovered that a neighbor noticed the suspect vehicle occupied by two males parked in front of his home.  The homeowner took a photo of the tag, which is registered out of Homestead.


NW 79th Pl – Heron Bay

On April 13, the complainant stated she located items stolen from her residence by a legally evicted former tenant. The owner of the above residence also was a landlord for the complainant’s former tenant and also evicted that same tenant. Both landlords were able to determine and confirm that their former tenant took fixtures and appliances from the complainant`s home while she resided there and transferred these items to the subsequent residence she rented 

NW 79th Pl – Heron Bay

On April 13, the reporting person stated a tenant she recently legally evicted from the above address stole items of high value throughout the home before the eviction. The reporting person/landlord added among the items taken were two decorative fountains in the front and back yard of the home, custom window treatments for approximately (57) windows, and various lighting and fixtures throughout the home. 

NW 70th Ct

On April 13, a Hispanic male adult accidentally cut his right arm, near the wrist, with a circular saw. Coral Springs Parkland Fire Rescue responded and advised that the injury was non-life-threatening, and he was transported to the hospital. OSHA was contacted.

11800 block of Leon Circle N – Four Seasons

On April 17, the resident has frequently been calling 911 advising that subjects are in her attic, shooting lasers, spraying tear gas, shocking her toes with a taser, and stealing her toilet water.  She feels that deputies are not helping her and called BSO Internal Affairs for further assistance. Henderson Mobile Crisis Unit was called, and two caseworkers responded to her home for an evaluation.  They advised, while her mental health is declining, there was no medical need or crisis concern at this time.

Suspicious Incident

NW 60th Ln – Lakes of Parkland

On April 16, the suspect named “Josh” called the front desk of the Parkland Office advising his father just shot his mother. He provided the listed address in Parkland and advised he could hear his dad coming and then hung up. Dispatch was immediately advised. Units responded to the scene. A phone number for the homeowner was located and was contacted. The homeowner advised everything was fine at her home, and no one called to report an emergency. Threat Management Unit investigating, as this was a prank call. 

10800 block of Oceano Way – Cascata

On April 18, Deputies responded to the area regarding an armed robbery in progress. The investigation revealed no armed robbery took place, and it was a misunderstanding to all parties involved.


6900 Heron Run Dr – Heron Bay Association

On April 14, unknown suspect(s) vandalized the Heron Bay Community traffic LPR camera/street light pole, possibly pulling down the pole. Another surveillance camera that was pointed at the street light camera pole was also stolen. Previous similar criminal mischiefs have occurred to other traffic cameras in Heron Bay in 2021. Tot. Est. Loss: $250. 

Pine Tree Rd

On April 16, a black 2010 lawn trailer was stolen from the above location. The location used to store lawn trailers and equipment.  The value of the trailer is $2,000.  There were no security cameras in the area.

Theft From Building

Seacoast Dr  – The Falls

On April 13, a brand new dishwasher in the box, worth $522, stored in the garage of a new construction home, was stolen between March 15 and April 12. Construction home kept unlocked, with workers present daily. No security cameras present, all homes on the street are under new construction, with no permanent residences on the street. The report was made for insurance reporting purposes. Tot.Est.Loss: $800. 

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