Dr Anthony Fauci and Matthew McConaughey with their signed Promise To Humanity pledges.

By Joey Weisler

Parklanders are known for their perseverance as well as inspiring activism and change around the world.

After feeling the impacts of COVID-19 last May, Parkland-brothers Adam and Josh Buchwald began their organization, “Promise To Humanity” with a single mission: stop the spread, keep safe.

Adam, a sophomore at the University of Florida, and Josh, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, have worked together to create the organization where the public signs a pledge to help stop the spread.

After working tirelessly on their mission, they’re now going grand-scale, looking for public leaders who model behaviors like wearing a mask and practicing positive health guidelines and hygiene.

“We weren’t looking for anyone in particular at first. From the beginning, we were just looking into public relations groups to get (figureheads) on board, and the response rate was one percent,” Josh explains.

But within that one percent, they got a winning endorsement with Matthew McConaughey. And it didn’t end with him.

McConaughey recently had an interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, who took the pledge as well.

A University of Texas alumnus, McConaughey is getting students at his alma mater to sign, while the brothers work to make the pledge available to over 60 college campuses.

And while they continue their activism with “Promise To Humanity” they continue as members of the Youth Division within the World Health Organization (WHO).    

“Every Monday we have a call with the youth who are in a division of the WHO and talk about different ways of promoting guidelines from the Center of Disease Control and slowing the spread,” said Adam, who added the meetings also discuss public knowledge and how to combat misinformation.

buchwald fauci
Josh and Adam Buchwald.

Going forward, their mission is getting people involved.  Small or big audiences, the brothers want to use their message as a platform to protect everyone’s safety.

Said Adam, “We want to keep expanding, keep reaching out, and keep saving lives.”

To join the movement, visit promisetohumanity.com to sign the pledge.  Be sure to nominate three people to help spread the movement around the world.

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Joey Weisler
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