A Parkland resident is arrested after striking a guard according to police
Joaquin PE Fagundo

By Sharon Aron Baron

A Parkland resident is charged with burglary and battery after entering his community’s guardhouse and striking a security officer.

On January 4, at 1:19 a.m., Joaquin PE Fagundo, 46, of Cascata, had a verbal altercation with the victim employed with Marksman Security Corporation, the provider of security services for the community Fagundo lives in.

Bill Fyfe, director of security for Marksman, said the resident either didn’t have a bar code sticker for access or was inside another vehicle and went through the guest entry gate at 840 Lago Way.

The guard had possession of Fagundo’s ID card for verification; however, Fagundo and his wife entered the guardhouse to obtain the ID card after a few moments.  The guard returned the ID card to Fagundo’s wife and asked them to leave the guardhouse.

According to the police report, the guard closed the guardhouse door behind Fagundo; however, a verbal altercation became physical after Fagundo reentered the guardhouse and struck the guard with an open palm on the back of his head. This caused the guard’s head to hit the glass door, leaving a bruise on the right side of his forehead.

Desare Kohn Lasky

Medical attention was denied, and the guard continued his shift.  According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, there is video surveillance, but it is not being released due to the incident being an open investigation.

“The guard’s job is to perform access control services to both residents and guests of the community,” said Fyfe. “To have a resident attack a guard is reprehensible to me.”

Fagundo was arrested at 3000 Coral Hills Drive in Coral Springs and taken to the Broward County Main Jail.  On January 6, he posted a $1,000 bond.  Since then, he has retained counsel, pled not guilty, and has requested a jury trial.

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