By: Jen Russon

After COVID-19 positivity rates dropped to a low of 2.6 percent, Superintendent Robert Runcie announced his recommendation public schools reopen to students ready for in-person learning five days a week.

“We plan to recommend to the school board that we will reopen schools starting Monday, October 5,” Runcie said.

He added those who wish to continue learning from home are free to do so, citing success with the current remote learning model that is “light years” ahead of what it was in March.

Broward County schools were the first in the state to close in response to the pandemic.

Runcie indicated health and safety guidelines used to close schools in the spring are the same as protocols used to reopen safely.

The superintendent emphasized all schools will follow strict mask-wearing, social distancing, and sanitation rules.

He said more detailed information was emailed to teachers and Broward County families earlier this week, as Phase 2 reopening guidelines, set by Governor Ron DeSantis, get underway.

Runcie stated students returning to classrooms could expect to continue submitting homework online and that all classroom science labs are canceled until further notice.

“The reality is that as hard as we try and as many precautions that we put in place, we will not be able to guarantee a COVID-19 free school or classroom,” said Runcie.

He said the learning models presented at the September school board meeting provide those who wish to continue learning from home.

During his live address Tuesday, Runcie also said the district understands and is ready to accommodate employees who cannot return to their worksites.

This recommendation will be voted on at the September 22 school board meeting.

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