Aston Gardens
Dominic Konigsberg, from Coral Springs Charter School with a sign Aston Gardens surprised him with.

By: Joey Weisler

The year was filled with the unexpected and certainly has been a letdown for many high school seniors. 

The surreal goodbyes and lack of closure when leaving high school are weighing heavy on students as grad bash, prom, and soon, even the graduation ceremony, pass them by.

Culinary Service Manager Adline “Addie” Cadet of Aston Gardens at Parkland Commons empathized with the senior class and wanted to ensure they would still be celebrated.

Cadet transformed her idea into a “surprise” event for seniors, including yard signs, to celebrate each student who attended the event on Wednesday.

Dressed in their school colors for a “graduation event,” students from Coral Springs Charter, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Coconut Creek, and Blanche Ely High School attended.

Aston Gardens
Senior signs at Aston Gardens in Parkland.

There, the students found yard signs with their portraits around Aston Gardens, as well as decorated golf carts for a parade with the Broward Sheriff’s Office Parkland District.

Residents also appeared on their balconies with signs and on their cars to cheer on the graduates.

“It was a day to celebrate our seniors and give them encouragement,” said Cadet.

The students were treated to a lunch, including chicken alfredo, garlic bread, caesar salad, and candy. 

“It was the whole nine yards,” said Cadet.

The seniors and their parents were incredibly delighted.  Minerva Konigsberg, whose son, Dominic, is a senior at Coral Springs Charter, was extremely grateful for the event. 

“It was the best graduation,” said Konigsberg. “The seniors were depressed that they weren’t having one, but this event just entirely made up for it. Bless Aston Gardens and their residents for this act of kindness.”

Cadet is thrilled the event was a huge success. 

“I just wanted to extend my best wishes to the class of 2020, and on behalf of Aston Gardens, tell them that they will go on to do amazing things.”

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Joey Weisler
Joey Weisler
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