Coyote Kills Parkland Family's Chihuahua 2
Lucy {courtesy family}

By: Sharon Aron Baron

A coyote attack has devastated one Parkland family after the couple witnessed it taking their beloved dog away.

It was 6:45 in the morning, and Dana and Adam Moss’s children were eating breakfast before heading off to school. The sun was out, so the couple let their 13-year-old dog Lucy, in the backyard while Dana got ready for carpool.

Adam went inside for a minute when suddenly he heard a growl outside. But by the time he went to the backdoor, he discovered a coyote weighing around 45-55 pounds standing over Lucy’s lifeless body.

Adam yelled for Dana and warned, “Before you come outside, I think our dog is dead.”

At this point, the coyote ran away, and Dana called the Broward Sheriff’s Office. Moments later, the coyote came back, and the couple went outside and looked into the eyes of the coyote standing over their dog.  They began throwing rocks and clapping their hands to get him to leave Lucy’s side. 

“He didn’t seem scared of me at first. He was staring at me in the eyes, waiting for us to take action until we started making loud noises and throwing rocks,” said Dana.

The coyote didn’t want to leave his prey and grabbed Lucy and ran. They chased after the coyote, but it was too quick.

The couple was devastated. Lucy was only five pounds and the size of a rabbit.

Their two children, ages eight and nine, heard them screaming and were crying. They gently explained to them that a coyote came into their backyard, and an accident happened. 

The Moss’s Parkland home in Creekside at Heron Bay borders Hillsboro Road. The backyard, with swings and trees, is mostly fenced – but not all of it.  Of course, they never dreamed that a coyote would visit; in fact, Dana never heard about coyotes being in the area.

Two weeks later, their children are okay. However, both Dana and Adam took it hard because Lucy was their dog – before they had children.

“Me and my husband had a hard time because we saw it.  And the image of my dog being taken away… I felt so helpless,” said Dana. 

Her advice to others is to make sure they have a 6-foot fence around their property.  The Moss’s are currently fencing the areas missing protection.

“This coyote came out of the blue,” she said.  “Make sure your whole property is fenced.”

Photos below (may be disturbing).  BSO has confirmed from them this was a coyote attack.

Coyote Kills Parkland Family's Chihuahua 3 Coyote Kills Parkland Family's Chihuahua 4

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