Renderings from the Broward County’s Metropolitan Planning Organization

By Bryan Boggiano

Details are in on the Loxahatchee Road facelift in a joint project by the City of Parkland, Broward County, and the Florida Department of Transportation. 

At their Dec. 13 meeting, Broward County Commissioners approved a nearly $40 million project that would make roadway improvements to improve safety for anyone who utilizes Loxahatchee Road. 

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This project will make Lox Road a safer road to travel—whether you are a motorist, a bicyclist, or a pedestrian,” said Alyson Morales, city clerk. “This will be a complete makeover of the road through its entire span.” 

Improvements span the roadway’s entire duration from Arthur M. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge to State Road 7/ U.S. 441.

The main improvements include widening travel lanes, placing bike lanes in both directions, constructing a sidewalk on Loxahatchee Road’s south side, and installing landscaped medians in places. 

Each vehicle lane will be 11 feet wide. The bike lanes will be 5 feet wide and separated from the road by 2-foot buffers. The sidewalk will be six feet wide, according to county documents. 

The project also includes installing and upgrading signage and pavement markings. 

Three new roundabouts will be installed at Nob Hill Road, University Drive, and Parkside Drive. 

In six locations, there will be widened roads, and additional left-turn lanes at Bishop Pit Road, Stockholm Boulevard, Solstice Circle, N.W. 61st Way, the entrance to Allegro Assisted Living Facility, and US 441. 

However, except an additional eastbound left turn lane at SR 7 / U.S. 441 and a westbound turn lane into Parkland Place, this project will not increase the number of lanes, according to the City of Parkland.

Details on Loxahatchee Road's $40 Million Facelift Details on Loxahatchee Road's $40 Million Facelift Details on Loxahatchee Road's $40 Million Facelift Details on Loxahatchee Road's $40 Million Facelift Details on Loxahatchee Road's $40 Million Facelift

The anticipated construction cost comes out to $36,749,613. The final price, however, is projected to be $39,969,185. Morales said that the extra roughly $3.2 million is set aside for factors such as overrun and inflation. 

Broward County’s Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Florida Department of Transportation will contribute $27,314,346 to the project. 

Broward County itself will contribute $10,870,958. That sum includes $5,558,750 from the local gas tax funds and local surtax and an additional $5,282,208 in additional surtax. The City of Parkland will contribute $1,783,881. 

The Loxahatchee Road project is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2023 and continue through 2026.

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