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By Sharon Aron Baron

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of crimes and other Parkland incidents through January 4, 2021.

Animal Bite

6370 Nw 106th Ter – Parkland Isles

On December 29, two victims were bit by the homeowner’s dog inside the residence. Both victims sustained a bite puncture on their wrists and were treated by Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Rescue on the scene and refused transport. The homeowner’s dog was placed in the backyard.


10011 Nw 60th Ct – The Landings Estates

On January 1, the victim was assaulted by her boyfriend, who was not on the scene. A not in custody probable cause was issued.

8119 Nw 106th Ln  – Heron Bay

On January 1, a domestic dispute between ex-spouses with conflicting stories. The wife advised she struck her ex-husband with her forearm out of reflex because he was in her personal space from behind. The husband stated he was not in her personal space, and she purposely struck him with her forearm. The ex-husband was not on the scene when police arrived, and when contacted via landline, he stated he was not coming back tonight to give a sworn statement and may return tomorrow. Charges have not been filed due to the husband not being seen in person by police. There were no independent witnesses at the time of this incident.

Criminal Mischief

10555 Trails End – Pine Trails Park

On December 29, Six Bicycles Suspect five unknown males and one unknown female juvenile walked into the northern bathroom near the baseball field. Once noticed by the public worker, he began making his way to the bathroom when the juveniles fled. The public worker then checked the bathroom and noticed vandalism on the walls, ceiling tiles removed, and a cracked light switch base. The estimated damage is presumed to be $100. Field contact was made with 4 of the 6 presumed subjects.


6290 Nw 105th Way – Parkland Isles

On December 27, a caller requested a police report to document items missing from his deceased wife’s house. He had not been inside the house since August of 2019 and did not know if his deceased wife removed the items.

6248 Nw 66th Way,

On December 30, an older couple left the residence in their Toyota Prius unannounced to their caregiver. Both subjects were lost until being assisted home by someone who found them in Weston. Both subjects were healthy and uninjured. The family was notified, and the keys were given to the caregiver for safekeeping. An online driver re-exam form was submitted.

5841 Nw 66th Av

On December 31, the resident heard fireworks in her neighborhood. On January 2, she noticed her passenger side windshield cracked by a bullet.

Suspicious Incident

9900 Holmberg Rd

On January 1 person said while jogging, a male in his early 20s, driving an unknown white vehicle, circled and stopped three times to ask for directions and make conversation. The reporting person got scared, so she used her phone to call her mother. When she took out her phone, the car drove off.

7000 Nw 84th Ave – The Ranches

On January 1, the complainant called 911 to report a suspect causing a disturbance. The suspect threw items into a nearby body of water, cursing, yelling, breaking items, and spraying them with a water gun. Deputies arrived on the scene and found that the suspect left on a bicycle. The complainant stated that the suspect has been having problems/issues since August of 2020 when he moved in at the location from Gainesville, FL. The suspect is known to use marijuana. The suspect never made threats to harm the complainant(s) or himself. Complainant(s) stated that they believe the suspect could/may harm them in the future. An area check of the community was conducted with no results of locating the suspect.


5901 Loxahatchee Rd – Allegro Assisted Living

On December 26, the victim alleged her diamond earrings were on her nightstand when she fell asleep. The next morning while her housekeeper was cleaning, she noticed them missing.

Weapons Violation

7900 Holmberg Rd

On December 31, the victim stated that the suspect was tailgating him, and he pressed the brakes to have the suspect back off. The suspect waved the gun at the victim in all directions. The suspect then fled west on Holmberg. The suspect was located and apprehended in Coral springs.


Friedman, Adam Edward (W M, 25) was arrested on charges of  Weapon Offense-improper Exhibit Firearm Or Dangerous Weapon at 7900 Holmberg Rd, Parkland, on 12/31/2020.

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