Mayor Rich Walker
Mayor Rich Walker

A Message from Mayor Rich Walker

One of the privileges of being Mayor is how frequently I’m able to interact with others.  Parkland residents, organizations and businesses in our City and beyond, elected officials from other cities, even people from out-of-state.  At times, the interaction takes the form of simple small talk, other times I might be digging into policy matters, and others the conversation might take the form of mutually beneficial troubleshooting or sharing of best practices. 

Regardless of the form the conversation takes, I come away with a firm conclusion—we all benefit when we do things together.  I realize this isn’t necessarily a eureka moment, but in a time of impersonal electronic interaction and detached social media communication, it’s a great refresher.  

On the most basic level, youth sports fulfill this axiom across the country everyday including right here in Parkland.  When you account for parents as coaches and family members, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, watching from the sidelines, it’s easy to see how a game’s outcome is second to being together.  This dynamic of togetherness plays out at Pine Trails Park and Terramar Park just about every weekend.    

It is always better when we come together to achieve things.  Whether it’s a team, a school class, a religious group, an army of volunteers—City employees or elected officials—coming together for a common purpose, it’s always more rewarding when we do it together.  

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The City Commission of the City of Parkland is fortunate to have a great working relationship with our City staff.  While that may seem like a given, you might be surprised at how many examples there are of cities in which the elected body and employees are not in sync.  But here it’s not just a matter of the Mayor and Commission telling City staff what to do, it’s the Commission and staff working together for the best possible outcome.  The biggest part, of course, is you.  The residents of our City.  When we work together with you, whether hearing from you individually on an informal basis or seeking your input in a more formal manner through surveys, polls, or focus groups, we always benefit from your input.

While all cities could benefit from coming together, it seems we do it in Parkland more than most.  When we turn inward and respond to our most basic human instinct to help others, we are always better for it.    

If you would like to share your thoughts about coming together or you have questions or comments you’d like to share with me, I would love to hear from you.  I can be reached via e-mail at or via cell phone at (973) 390-1453.  Of course, I am frequently available monthly at Parkland businesses and love to talk with residents there.  I encourage you to visit the City’s website and click on the social media icon that you prefer, to ensure that you stay informed on events and helpful information. 

Rich Walker
City of Parkland, Florida

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