Austin Pets Alive shelter employees checking in a dog from Hurricane Harvey. Photo by Dustin Safranek.

Austin Pets Alive shelter employees helping a dog from Hurricane Harvey. Photo by Dustin Safranek.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Animals rescued from Hurricane Harvey are getting a helping hand from residents in Parkland who are not only by collecting pet supplies, they are bringing them to temporary animal shelters in Houston.

Through the efforts of Parkland residents Mindi Rubin and John Graci of My Girls Haulin Inc., a collection center at city hall has been setup where supplies will be shipped directly to the shelters.

After Hurricane Harvey, pets that were airlifted or picked up were placed at these temporary shelters in the hopes that when people get their lives back together, they can potentially be reunited again.

Rubin is working with Austin Pets Alive – a no-kill shelter, the Houston SPCA, and other organizations and will bring them the items that they desperately need. “Austin Pets Alive has already taken in 1,300 pets alone,” said Rubin. Because the supplies are being transported through Graci’s freight company, this helps shelters like Austin Pets Alive get the items quickly to the animals that need them.

“People are very good-hearted by collecting things, but they haven’t thought out the logistical hurdles it takes to get them to those that need it,” she said.  Through Graci’s company, the supplies will head 1,300 miles to Austin, then will be dispersed by him to two temporary shelters in Houston.

The former owner of Parkland Life magazine, Rubin, who has lived in the city since 1988 is an avid animal lover. After flying back into town last week, she saw what was happening in Houston and knew she had to take action. She contacted the City of Parkland who agreed to allow city hall to serve as a drop-off location for pet supplies. She is very appreciative for Graci and his company and said that he even refused to accept $1,500 for gas.

“I’m incredibly touched that Parkland has always been a village, even though we’re a little bit bigger now.  We may nitpick when the sun is shining, but when it rains – this is an unbelievable community and we’ll do what we can to help one another.”

Here are some of the items that are needed:

Cat litter, pet collars, tarps, dog treats, paper or styrofoam bowls, pet beds, clean towels, blankets, crates, dog and cat food, flea and tick prevention, bug spray, canned wet food, litter boxes – 12×10? or smaller, large metal dog bowls, large trash bags, bleach, paper towels, newspapers, general purpose cleaner, latex gloves, dish soap, sponges. leashes, pet shampoo, dry bagged pet food, cat treats, emergency medical supplies and plastic bins.  If you would like to donate money, checks can be made out to Austin Pets Alive.

Parkland City Hall will be accepting donations at 6600 N University Dr, Parkland, FL 33067 Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. through Sept. 15.  

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Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron is a Parkland resident and editor of Talk Media. She has been covering Parkland news since 2012. Parkland Talk was created to provide News, Views, and Entertainment for the residents of Parkland.

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