By Sharon Aron Baron

In a news conference at the Port of Miami, Governor DeSantis announced the State of Florida is filing suit against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the federal government demanding that cruise ships be allowed to start sailing immediately.

He stated that the unprecedented year-long lockdown of an entire industry by the federal government has directly harmed the State of Florida, its citizens, and their families, resulting in the loss of billions of dollars in economic activity.

“We must allow our cruise liners and their employees to get back to work and safely set sail again,” he said.

In March of 2020, following the CDC’s “No Sail Order,” Florida’s cruise industry came to a screeching halt.

“People’s lives are on the line. They are desperate to return to work,” said Attorney General Ashley Moody, adding that 60 percent of the nation’s cruises come out of Florida.

Governor bans “vaccination passports” 

On April 6, DeSantis signed the order banning businesses from requiring “vaccination passports,” documents that prove a person has been vaccinated.

Proof of vaccinations for crew and passengers is now a requirement included in most cruise lines’ safety plans. Mandatory vaccinations on cruise ships also align with safety protocols recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Federal Maritime Commission.  This ban effectively keeps Florida’s cruise industry from reopening, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Gov DeSantis said people are going to cruise one way or another, “If you are worried about Americans, well, they will cruise off another coast. Instead of flying to Miami, spending money to stay in our hotels, spending money to eat in our restaurants before they get on the ship, they’re going to fly to the Bahamas.”

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