Linda Beigel Schulman on President Biden's Executive Actions: 'I Looked Up And Said To Scott, We Did It!'
Linda Schulman, mother of Scott Beigel. {Courtesy Michael Schulman}

By Jill Fox

As President Biden delivered remarks on gun violence prevention on Thursday, Scott Beigel’s family listened from the White House lawn.

His mother, Linda Beigel Schulman, has made gun violence legislation her mission after her son Scott was killed in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting.

Passing the Red Flag Law, which prevents individuals who show signs of being a threat to themselves or others from purchasing or possessing a firearm, has been her key focus.

“If Florida had a red flag law prior to Feb. 14, my son would be alive today,” Schulman said.

After the two most recent mass shootings, President Biden signed executive actions to make it easier for people to flag family members who shouldn’t be allowed to purchase firearms.

Schulman posted on Facebook, “We are at the White House, Scott, we are making a difference and finally getting gun safety to the forefront. President Biden is following through with his promises. This is a monumental beginning!”

Because of her work, Schulman was invited to watch President Biden sign the executive orders.

Linda Beigel Schulman on President Biden's Executive Actions: 'I Looked Up And Said To Scott, We Did It!'
{Courtesy Michael Schulman}

“It’s a monumental first step,” said Schulman, whose goals include passing a federal Red Flag Law. As of July 1, 2020, there were 19 states, including the District of Columbia, with Red Flag Laws.

After Biden spoke in the Rose Garden, Schulman spent the day giving interviews with news media.

“I know in my heart, he was in the rose garden today with me for sure,” she said. “I looked up and said to Scott, — we did it!”

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