By Sharon Aron Baron

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of crimes and other Parkland incidents through May 3, 2021.

Aggravated Assault


On May 1, the suspect and the victim were involved in an argument. The suspect grabbed the victim by the neck and strangled the victim until she almost passed out.  The suspect also punched the victim n the mouth with a closed fist, resulting in a swollen lip, and also pointed a firearm at the victim, who was in fear for her life.  Taped statements obtained from both victim and witness Firearms recovered from the residence were placed into evidence. The suspect was arrested on scene and transported to jail for processing.


NW 84th Av

On April 30, the arrestee intentionally threw a full soda can at his victim, striking her in the back of her neck. The victim is 79-years-old, raising the charge to a felony. The arrestee was taken into custody without incident.

Burglary Building

Loxahatchee Road

On May 1, the reporting person advised that an unknown subject attempted entry into the kitchen sometime within the last week by prying the rear door.  Entry was not made.  Fresh pry marks observed up and down the double door where it closes together.

Burglary Business

N State Road 7 

On May 2, the victim alleged the suspect entered the closed business. The suspect removed the victim’s property (cellphone / Ipad/wallet) from behind the front counter without his permission. Total Est  Loss $1,501.

Burglary Conveyance

NW 61st Ter

On April 30, burglary from unlocked 2013 Nissan Altima, music CD removed from inside and recovered outside the vehicle. Tot.Est.Loss: $25. 

NW 62nd Ter

On April 30, Burglary Conveyance to unlocked 2020 Nissan, center console and glove box searched, nothing taken, but phone and glove were found inside which possibly belongs to subject. 

NW 61st Ter 

On April 30, Burglary to victims unlocked 2019 Volkswagon, interior searched, bag with jumper cables stolen from trunk. Tot.Est.Loss: $50. 

NW 61st Ter 

On April 30, the victim advised that his Kia SUV was entered overnight via an unlocked passenger door. The center console contents had been tossed about. Nothing appeared to be missing. Latent lifts were obtained (passenger door exterior). 

NW 61st Ter 

On April 30, a delayed burglary call of a 2018 Subaru Forrester was left unlocked during the evening hours by the victim at NW 61st Ter. Taken in the burglary was a wallet containing multiple credit cards and a backpack and boxing equipment. Tot.Est.Loss: $66. 

NW 61st Ter

On April 30, an unlocked 2005 Saturn Vue SUV was burglarized of a  wallet, credit cards, cash, and assorted ID stolen from the center console. Tot. Est. Loss: $225. 

NW 61st Ter

On May 2, a victim alleged that an unknown suspect (s) entered her 2015 Audi Q3, parked in her driveway unlocked.  The suspect(s) rummaged through the vehicle but did not take any property.

Domestic Disturbance

Meridian Dr 

On April 30, the wife feels she is not receiving any help from her husband with day-to-day priorities. The wife stated she would like resources for domestic violence. The wife stated her situation with her husband is not physical. 


6415 NW 77th Place

On May 1, a traffic stop was conducted on a silver Suzuki for running a stop sign.  After a vehicle search was conducted, the driver was arrested for possession and transported to BSO main jail.

Found Property

10899 Hillsboro Blvd/Nob Hill Rd

On April 27, a blue and white portable ice cooler was located on the southwest side of the intersection. The cooler contained several water bottles and other flavored beverages. Cooler recovered and placed into BSO Property for safekeeping. 


NW 66th Ter

On May 2, a homeowner reported that his neighbor across the lake tends to walk around his pool within the screened-in patio of his home nude. The detective brought this concern to the neighbor’s attention and advised him that he needs to take precautions to block his nudity from public view. 

Meridian Dr. South

On April 28, the complainant in Colorado requested a welfare check on his wife and five-year-old son, who had left his home in January and has not returned. His wife and son were located in a friend’s residence in Parkland and were okay. The wife advised she voluntarily left the residence to be away from her husband. The husband confirmed communication with the wife but wanted visitation with the child. 

7400 Parkside Dr – Riverglades Elementary

On April 29, Deputy Blake assisted Riverglades Elementary School Administration with a student-involved incident that occurred off-campus over a month ago. 

6000 block of NW 80th Ter

On April 30, the caller advised that a FedEx package never arrived at his home (delivery date was 4/22). 

7400 Parkside Dr – Riverglades Elementary

On April 30, Principal Seltzer told BSO two parents were having an issue with a child custody exchange on campus. 

NW 125th Ln

On May 1, BSO Made contact with reporting person, who advised them he placed four boxes out near the roadway where you normally put trash for pick up. Caller advised that he went outside in the morning and realized that the boxes were no longer there. 

Missing Person

5901 Pine Island Rd – Marjory Stoneman Douglas

On April 28, a juvenile was reported missing from Coral Springs on 4/27/21 was in attendance at school on this date. Coral Springs Police advised that the student was in school and good health. 

Property Damage

8955 W Miralago Way

On April 27, Coral Springs Fire Engine 109 attempted entry into the Miralago community. Driver activated gate arm that raised but lowered as Engine was entering the community. Gate arm struck the windshield of the vehicle causing the glass to shatter. No injury reported and no damage to the gate arm. 


NW 111th Manor

On May 1, a juvenile went to a concert at the park and did not return home after. The same juvenile ran away from home three weeks prior. The juvenile was located before BSO made a teletype entry.


NW 67th Dr

On April 27, the victim took a business loan from the suspect in 2019. He has not been paying the loan due to an ongoing bankruptcy. Last night, the suspect called the victim ten times. The victim answered one of the calls, during which the suspect made a threat to him. 


Byron, Aaron Kirkland (B M, 22) arrested on charges of Battery-on Person 65 Years Of Age Or Older in Parkland, on 04/30/2021. 

Whyre, Jeremiah Isaiah (B M, 22) Arrested on charges of Aggravated Assault W/ Deadly Weapon- Domestic Viol in Parkland on 05/01/2021. 

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