By:Sharon Aron Baron

Marjory Stoneman Douglas graduate Ashley Payanis Curtis wanted to create a project to help students and educators heal after the school shooting that took place at her alma mater on February 14.

Her six-minute video features photos that say “Our love for you is so strong” which were sent from around the world, spanning six continents, over twenty countries, and all 50 states.

“The current students of Douglas motivated me to do this project,” said Curtis. “They are doing so much to help change the world we live in for the better. I am following their lead as far as change goes, but wanted to help in the best way I know how; which is by showing them love.”

She collected the photos by posting a description about what she was doing in a MSD alumni Facebook group and her personal page. Her original goal was photos from 50 states, but everyone who found out about the project wanted to spread the love further – and she received more photos flooding her mailbox.

Curtis was born in Parkland and her parents and brother’s family still live in the area. She graduated from Douglas in 2006 and now lives in Jacksonville, FL where she now works as a literary coach at S.P. Livingston Elementary School.

“I would like them [the students] to know they are being heard, and to keep pushing. There are people all over listening and following their lead.”

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Sharon Aron Baron
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