By: Sharon Aron Baron

There are 12 bulk trash pick-up dates annually in the City of Parkland and the dates vary throughout the city so residents should refer to the schedule below to determine their appropriate collection dates. Scheduling information is also available through Waste Management Inc. of Florida.

Bulk trash should be placed curbside not more than 12 hours prior to the scheduled collection. Bulk trash includes household appliances, furniture, and other items of a bulky nature such as tree stumps and logs provided they are cut to the appropriate size and placed neatly at the curb.

Special and hazardous wastes including, but not limited to, construction materials, paints, automobile parts, electronics, and household cleaners are excluded and will not be collected.

If a resident has a refrigerator or freezer that they want to have picked up during bulk, they need to first have the Freon removed. A professional can provide that service and will then “tag” the appliance so Waste Management can collect.


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