Coastal Championship Wrestling returns to Coral Springs for the 'Malenko Cup' 1

By: Chris Brunner

School’s back, and so is another Saturday night of wrestling action. On August 25th, Coastal Championship Wrestling returns to its home at Coral Springs Charter School for the Malenko Cup.

A time-honored tradition, The Malenko Cup has been a staple of Florida wrestling for years. For the very first time, the show in honoring the legacy of Boris “The Great” Malenko will take place in Coral Springs.

Appearing that night will be former WWE superstar, “Caribbean Cool” Carlito. From the famous Colón wrestling family, Carlito has held numerous WWE titles and traveled the world during his star-studded career. His return to CCW action is much-anticipated.

Also in attendance will be Boris Malenko trainee alumnus Joe Malenko and Frank Reyes. Both have had extensive international careers spanning over decades, as a wrestler and referee respectively.

The 8th annual Boris Malenko Memorial Cup Battle Royal will take place with 25 superstars, including members of the CCW roster to performers from the other side of the country, in an over-the-top rope battle royal for the coveted prize: the Malenko Cup trophy.

Returning to Coral Springs is the Jurassic Juggernaut, Vince Steele. The 6’6 towering inferno is ready for another round in front of the CCW fan base. Also from New York and a CCW first timer, comes EC Negro. Proclaiming himself as the king of New York, “El Rey All Day” promises to bring gold and swag to a CCW audience.

Competitors featured that night will also include Heavyweight Champion Santos, Southeastern Champion Stryker Ramirez, international superstar MechaWolf 450, Chelsea Durden, Cha Cha Charlie, The Technical Alchemist David Mercury, Bob Cook, and all of your favorite CCW mainstays.

The Malenko Cup is shaping up to be one incredible, unforgettable event. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of wrestling history in the making in South Florida. Join them on Saturday, August 25 at Coral Springs Charter School. Parkland and Margate residents welcome. The doors open at 7 p.m., and the first bell rings at 8. Tickets start at just $10 and are available at the door and online at

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