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MSD Scholarship Winners: Abby Dowd, Annagrace Myers, Hailey Carpenter, Joshua Rosenthal, Kayla Renert, Sanjiv Ramnanan, Rachel Nattis, (not pictured Andrea Pena Nathan Woolverton, Anahi Maldonado) College Scholarship Winners Kennedy Rosenberg, Elizabeth Young, Ryan Schroy, (not pictured: Hailey Capplis & Vincent Bonasera)

By Sharon Aron Baron

The Coral Springs Police Officers Foundation has announced the recipients of their 2020 College Scholarships. 

In addition to their main college scholarship program, open to all Coral Springs residents, the Foundation added a second program in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy. This scholarship is exclusively for students graduating from the Parkland high school.

“Many Coral Springs Officers responded to MSD on February 14, 2018. It was important to us to be able to offer this scholarship,” said Glenn Matonak, President of the Coral Springs Police Officers Foundation.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the winners could not be recognized in person, so instead, they were mailed a letter along with their scholarship award. 

“It was upsetting not getting to meet these young people in person,” said Matonak. “We’re always so impressed to meet the graduates and hear about their future plans, but nonetheless, we’re excited for them and the things they’ll do.”

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These high school graduates weren’t selected just for what they did inside the classroom, but also for what they did outside the classroom participating in extracurricular activities and being involved in numerous volunteer programs, maintaining good driving records, and staying out of trouble with the law.

The winners of the Coral Springs Police Foundation’s college scholarship will each receive an award of $800. They are Elizabeth Young, Ryan Schroy, Kennedy Rosenberg, Hailey Capplis & Vincent Bonasera.

The winners of the Coral Springs Police Foundation’s MSD college scholarship will each receive an award of $500. They are Annagrace Myers, Kayla Renert, Abby Dowd, Sanjiv Ramnanan, Rachel Nattis, Andrea Pena Nathan Woolverton, Joshua Rosenthal, Hailey Carpenter & Anahi Maldonado.

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