Mayor Christine Hunschofsky
Mayor Christine Hunschofsky

From Mayor Christine Hunschofsky:

It has been a strange spring, to say the least. At the time I am writing this, we are just heading into the second week of April. Schools are closed, senior class activities have been canceled, and university and college graduations have been “postponed.”

Spring is usually a time for new beginnings, but right now, it feels like we are just waiting for things to start again. One lesson, many of us have learned is to not take everyday life and moments for granted. So many of us had plans for April and May, most of which will not come to fruition. We are now given an opportunity to reassess several things in our lives and the value and importance we place on them.

One thing that has not changed is the compassion and generosity of so many people in our community. Residents have been reaching out to those who need help, making and supplying masks to those on the front lines, donating food and Personal Protective Equipment to hospitals and first responders, offering free virtual fitness and wellness classes and checking in by phone, call or video call with family, friends, and neighbors to make sure they are okay.

Our clergy have also been amazing, providing spiritual support online and helping those most in need. Thank you to everyone for making a difference and focusing on the good that can be done. Thank you also to all who are on the front lines keeping our community safe.

May is a time when we celebrate mothers. Mothers are the ones who we go to for support, help, advice, consoling, and even a delicious meal. They are often the helpers and the first ones to reach out to help a friend and neighbor and the last ones to take care of themselves. Our world is a better place thanks to the love, care, and support mothers show their families and the assistance and volunteer hours they give to our communities.

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Thank you to all the mothers for all you do day in and day out to help your families and community.

Unfortunately, Mother’s Day can also be a very difficult day and a sad reminder for those who have lost their mothers or for mothers who have lost children. So while you celebrate your mother, please show compassion and understanding for those who may be having a difficult time on Mother’s Day.

May is Mental Health Month, and our community has continued to focus on letting people know about the importance of mental health, self-care and healing, and the various resources that are available.

One fixture that has been part of the healing process for many has been Eagles’ Haven Wellness Center. Eagles’ Haven has many wellness activities available virtually, but they also have support groups and certified clinicians who are available to help in a crisis situation or to refer someone to the resources they need.

Physical distancing as well as other stressors such as job loss, family life, and other issues only add to the need to practice self-care and to take care of one’s mental health as well as physical health. Please reach out to Eagles’ Haven at 954-618-0350 or for more information.

Their navigators are available seven days a week to help. Strength is shown by getting the help you need, not by ignoring the problem. Please make good use of Eagles’ Haven and all they have to offer.

While I have missed seeing everyone in person and at community events, I am always available. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time at 

I look forward to hearing from you. Be well!