Courtesy Nick Scobel, University of Florida

By Jill Fox

The Croc Docs have a message for Parkland residents about a non-native lizard: If you encounter one, report it immediately.

“Our research team recently received a tip about a five-foot Nile monitor lizard sighted near the Palm Beach County border of Parkland,” said Croc Docs Outreach Coordinator Justin Dalaba.

According to Dalaba, invasive species like the Nile monitor lizard can threaten Florida’s native wildlife.

These lizards are hunters who can traverse both land and water. They target crocodile eggs, burrowing owl eggs, and sea turtles, among other creatures.

The Croc Docs, a team of biologists and outreach specialists from the University of Florida, are at the forefront of wildlife research in South Florida. They respond to pressing wildlife management needs and provide scientific support for Everglades restoration.

So, what can people do if they encounter a reptile such as this one?

Residents who see a Nile monitor, or other large, suspicious-looking lizard, should report the invasive species to or 1-888-IVEGOT1.

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