Coral Springs Parkland Fire Department
Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department. {City of Coral Springs}

By Michelle Spitzer

Improvements coming to Parkland include a new fire engine and new scoreboards at two city parks.  

The enhancements were approved at the city commission meeting Wednesday evening. 

The Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Station No. 109, at 11601 Hillsboro Blvd., is getting the new fire truck, but it likely will be at least a year and a half before the new engine is in use.

According to city documents, the city saved money by approving the purchase now. The cost of the fire engine is $811,309. If the city did not issue a purchase order before the end of the month, they would have had to pay an additional 5 percent cost increase and 2.5 percent increase in cost material. 

Fire engines typically have a life span of 8 to 10 years, and the one at station No. 109 is nearing the end of its time. 

Also, Wednesday night, the commissioners approved to spend $143,796 on new scoreboards at Terramar Park and Pine Trails Park. In total, ten new scoreboards will be installed at baseball/softball fields 1,2 and 4 at Terramar Park, and basketball courts 1 through 5.

Over at Pine Trails Park, basketball courts 1 and 2 will get new scoreboards. All those being replaced are at least 15 years old.

The city commission said the renovations would take place this summer. 

While the county is footing the bill for a new roundabout at Hillsboro Blvd. and Mecca Blvd., Parkland will pay for its improvements, approving up to $60,000 to provide architectural, landscape, and irrigation design for the roundabout. 

Broward County is in the early design stages of improving Hillsboro Blvd. from State Road 7 to Parkside Drive. 

The new roundabout is part of a larger project from the county to improve Hillsboro Blvd. from State Road 7 to Parkside Drive.

“However, those improvements do not include distinctive features in the center of the roundabout, which is a desire and common practice of the city of Parkland,” according to city leaders. “The county has indicated that they are willing to include the construction of the roundabout features (at the city’s expense) as a contract add-on to their project.”

The city would be responsible for providing construction design plans and funding for the improvements. 

The county has not yet announced when construction will begin. 

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