Gavin Stewart with his S 3 School Supply Sanitizer.

Jill Fox

During virtual learning at Park Trails Elementary School, the gears in students’ minds keep turning.

In their final project of the year, third graders at the Parkland school typically create an invention and make a prototype to display at their annual Invention Convention. However, with the virtual school in place, this year proved to be a little different.

Luke Litman’s invention was Moppercise. It was a way to clean the floors and exercise at the same time.

Students from Corinne Church and Cathy Kagar’s classes studied the process an inventor went through to solve a problem and create a solution and were then assigned to create their own inventions.

“We wanted to continue the tradition of an invention convention, and the class decided, since we couldn’t go shopping, we would create or improve an invention using recycled materials,” said Church.

Over two-days, the Park Trails students Zoomed and proudly presented their projects virtually.

Some focused on the obvious, like Gavin Stewart, with his S 3 School Supply Sanitizer to help contain the spread of germs during this pandemic.

“Put your supplies in the pencil case, close it, turn it on, and the U.V. light will clean what’s inside,” he said.

Sienna Linsky invented The Stuffie Stopper.

Rishil Patel, Logan Shapiro, Jake Levy, and Eliana Hecht also created ways to protect themselves from the Coronavirus.

Hailey Little came up with “Two’th” paste, a tube with two caps because she doesn’t like having to drag her fingers through the tube to get the toothpaste to the front.

Sienna Linsky invented The Stuffie Stopper to keep cozy items from falling off of her bed in the middle of the night.

Church said, “The students’ thought processes and inventions were fresh and innovative.”

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