Madden explains how his “Paste Perfect” all-in-one bathroom organizer works. {Photos by Jill Fox}

By Jill Fox

There’s a chance that the next Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison may be among us. Park Trails Elementary School is trying to find out just that by persuading students to come up with discoveries of their own.

In their final project of the year, third graders at the Parkland school were asked to create an invention and make a prototype to display at their annual Invention Convention.

Students from Corinne Church and Cassie Vazquez’s third-grade classes studied about the process an inventor goes through to solve a problem and create a solution.

Church explained that over several months in a journal, students recorded problems in their daily lives with possible solutions. The classes researched their ideas, and each student created an invention to solve a need or a want. Also, they learned how to use advertising techniques to persuade consumers to purchase their products.

Students developed ideas about helping the environment, simplifying tasks, even organizing a bathroom. Some built models such as a remote control garbage can and a removable high heel.

Finally, the students presented their inventions to parents and students at their annual Invention Convention in the school cafeteria.

Church said, “The students wowed us with their critical thinking skills and their ability to think out of the box with many innovative ideas. Shark Tank here we come!”

Mrs. Vazquez, Emma and Mrs. Church in front of Emma’s Manatee Propeller Protector.
Jacob shows off his remote control garbage can.
Logan demonstrates his desk sweeper invention.
Katelyn blows her Artsy Craftsy Bubbles.
Tiago invented this to prevent crumbs from getting in the car.
Addison shows how “Accessor Me” works by storing small items inside your shoe.


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