Parkland Brothers Continue Activism With Promise To Humanity
Josh and Adam Buchwald with a Promise to Humanity contract.

By Joey Weisler

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed our lifestyles significantly all across the globe.  Whether we are choosing to self-quarantine entirely or going about our daily routines in mediation, there’s only one solution to proceed with at this time, and that’s to do so safely. 

Adam and Josh Buchwald, two brothers from Parkland Bay, recognize the need to promote safety around the community.  That’s why Adam, a rising sophomore at the University of Florida, and Josh, a rising senior at Stoneman Douglas High School, founded their organization “Promise To Humanity”.

The organization is created as a new global movement asking individuals to make a promise and sign a contract vowing to wear a mask, practice social distancing, and follow all safety measures in the efforts to save loved ones and slow the spread of the virus.

“We want to emphasize that teenagers and young children are not being selfish and care about the health of others,” Adam and Josh said. 

Promise To Humanity strongly believes that the movement will highlight the severity of COVID-19 and reiterate the common-sense guidelines that have been implemented into society over the past couple of months.

To join the movement, the Buchwald brothers provide simple steps with a powerful intention.

First, visit to download, print, and sign the contract. Then, take a picture while holding it up.  Last, post a picture to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtags #PTHGlobal #PromiseToHumanity and #SafetyOverDisease. 

Be sure to tag Promise To Humanity in your posts. With nearly 300 contracts already downloaded, the Buchwald brothers encourage everyone to join in the movement today.

Parkland brothers Continue Activism With Promise To Humanity

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