Mayor Rich Walker
Mayor Rich Walker

A Message from Mayor Rich Walker

One thing is for certain in Parkland; our City has a plethora of outstanding and hardworking volunteers who create a culture of giving in our community. This concept has been even more apparent around our City over the past few months. Families continue working together to make the world a safer place, residents continue to support one another when it matters most, and dedicated volunteers nurture our community into the brilliant gem that it is.

Our sports leagues have amazing volunteers that provide our families and their children with a tremendous memorable experience. Volunteering and participation is vital for a successful community. The residents of Parkland demonstrate that desire daily, and it’s a blessing to interact with such dedicated individuals. Whether it is at one of our City events, the Parkland Chamber of Commerce, a sports league event, a homeowners’ association function, or one of our other many diversified activities established throughout the City—it’s natural to be incredibly proud of Parkland.

As we move into April, we reach an important time of year for city government. Strategic planning is vital to municipal government and the budget process. In strategic planning sessions, we consider all of the comments, ideas, concerns, and negative and positive feedback our City Commission receives directly from residents. These topics become discussion points between the City Commission and City staff throughout several workshop sessions. These sessions, in turn, lay the foundation for our upcoming budget year and extend years ahead.

It’s so important to continue to be engaged in a positive way. Your involvement helps us as a City Commission better serve you. We are all extremely active and accessible and look forward to speaking to residents every chance we get. When you see us, please don’t hesitate to ask us questions or give us feedback.

Desare Kohn Lasky

Strategic planning begins in April and goes into June. Finally, in September, we establish the millage rate and set into motion our capital projects for the upcoming year, which begins October 1. With your help, we look forward to always moving Parkland forward in a positive direction.

If you would like to share your thoughts about strategic planning or volunteering, I would love to hear from you. I can be reached via e-mail at or cell phone at 973-390-1453. Of course, I am frequently available monthly at Parkland businesses and love to talk with residents there. I encourage you to visit the City’s website and click on the social media icon that you prefer, to ensure that you stay informed on events and helpful information.

Mayor Rich Walker
City of Parkland, Florida

The Parkland City Commission is Mayor Rich Walker, Vice Mayor Ken Cutler, Commissioners Simeon Brier, Jordan Isrow, and Bob Mayersohn.

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