By Sharon Aron Baron

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of crimes and other Parkland incidents through May 24, 2021.


Criminal Mischief

NW 62nd Ter

On May 19, the reporting person speculated that a known subject entered his residence by shattering his rear bedroom window without his permission and removed a lunch box belonging to himself inside the victim’s closet. Scene processed with negative results, area canvassing completed. The estimated value is unknown at this time. 

Address Redacted 

On May 20, reported May 21, the victim’s SUV was keyed overnight with the word “ASS” scratched into the rear door hatch. 


Solstice Dr

On May 19, a person attempted to improperly enter the community via Solstice Drive resulting in a service call cost approximately $400.

9245 Ranch Rd – Barkland Dog Park

On May 17, the reporting party took their dog to Barkland Dog Park. While there, their seven-year-old terrier-mix was attacked by another dog. The terrier-mix was taken to the vet and given stitches for its injuries. 

6716 Nw 66th Way – Pinetree Estates

On May 20, a tree fell onto the power line, causing the tree to catch fire. FPL responded to shut down power, repair line. Coral Springs-Parkland Fire responded and extinguished the fire. 

Lost Property

University Dr

Jessica Farbman Price

On May 20,  the victim left his credit card holder on the service counter at the business and walked away while customers approached the desk. A short time later, the wallet was missing. Security tape did not show anyone stealing the victim’s property, but it was not located.

Theft from Building

N Baypoint Cir

On May 10, reported May 22, an unknown suspect(s) stole 21 rolls of Peeling Sticks valued at $3,000, stored on the roof of a newly constructed home. Construction home kept unlocked, with workers present daily. No security cameras present. 


Redacted Address

Between May 20 and May 22, an unknown suspect(s) Stole 60 sheet of plywood was valued at $2,000, stored on an opened lot across a new construction home. No security cameras present. 

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