Stand With Parkland Recognizes 2 Local Lawmakers
Stand With Parkland president Tony Montalto with Representatives Dan Daley and Christine Hunschofsky. {Stand With Parkland}

By Michelle Spitzer

Two local lawmakers have been recognized for their work with the school safety group Stand With Parkland. 

Rep. Christine Hunschofsky (D-Parkland) was awarded the 2021 School Safety Rookie of the Year. 

The school safety group credited the former Parkland mayor for her work helping craft a bill (HB 899 Mental Health of Students) requiring public and charter schools to contact parents of a minor student before removing the student from school, school transportation, or a school-sponsored activity for an involuntary mental health examination. 

Rep. Dan Daley (D-Coral Springs) received the School Safety Champion Award for helping introduce the Parents Need to Know Initiative. The bill requires schools to notify parents and staff within 24 hours when a threat or incident has taken place on campus and include what actions were taken in response to the threat.

Stand With Parkland was founded by the 17 families who lost loved ones in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school shooting.

This is the first year the group has presented School Safety Awards honoring legislators. 

“They have shown themselves to be outstanding advocates in the school safety movement,” the group posted on social media. 

Feb. 14 will be the fourth anniversary of the shooting.   

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Michelle Spitzer
Michelle Spitzer
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