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By Jill Fox

Car burglaries are happening again in Parkland, this time in the community of Parkland Golf & Country Club.

On Thursday, June 19, at approximately 3:45 a.m., two cars were stolen from Emerson Street—a Maserati and an Audi. Both vehicles were left unlocked, and a key fob was inside of the Audi.

“I know it’s happened before, but I would never think to lock my cars. I should have, there’s no excuse,” said the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous.

She said there were at least three suspects involved. The homeowner has a security camera, but the video is very foggy at night, and they were only able to see when the cars were taken.

According to the victim, they are located in a calm part of the neighborhood, with lots of children. She has two small children herself and said it’s really easy to take the kids out of the car and rush inside and that the crime was 100 percent preventable.

Lieutenant Valerie Devlin, Executive Officer for the Broward Sheriff’s Office Parkland District, confirmed those two cars were stolen and were left unlocked with the key fob inside.

Also, Lt Devlin said a Lexus was stolen from another nearby home on Camellia Street and two other cars were broken into. All were unlocked.

The Audi was located in Lauderhill with minor damage, and the Lexus has been found there as well. The Maserati has not been found.

Lt. Devlin said this is a pending investigation, and they are following up on all leads. She also reminded residents to please take their key fobs out of their cars and to lock them.

If anyone has any video evidence they can share, they are encouraged to call the Broward Sheriff’s Office at 954-753-5050.

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Jill Fox
Jill Fox
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