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By: Jill Fox

While most incoming high school seniors are focusing on their summer vacations and enjoying a chance to relax, one talented student is busy preparing for a future in film.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas senior Joshua Riemer has some lofty goals, and he’s making them happen one step at a time. From starting a photography business to becoming the president of the school’s TV production program, Joshua has it all laid out.

Instead of hanging out at his Parkland Isles home this summer, Joshua will head to Los Angeles for seven weeks with his family in tow. His mother, Amy, a realtor, his father, Leonard, a computer programmer, and his 19-year-old brother, Brandon will accompany him after he was offered a paid internship at Rogue Planet, a trailer production company. The rising senior is looking forward to everything entailed, from shadowing industry professionals to helping with day-to-day activities around the office – even getting coffee.

TV production teacher, Eric Garner said he presented the opportunity to his advanced students, and Joshua jumped on it. He did all the necessary prep to make it happen.

“Josh has this unique character about him. Not only is he good at what he does, he also enjoys mentoring the younger students,” said Garner. “He just wants to put it out there and make the entire program better and that’s a big deal to me.”

Aspiring Filmmaker from Parkland Heads to LA 1
Joshua Riemer

Although Joshua finds high school really demanding, he said it’s Garner’s class that keeps him going.

“Mr. Garner taught me everything I know, and I am improving upon my abilities every year.”

Last month, Joshua was featured in a documentary-style segment that aired on a Broward Teen News on BECON-TV. The school submitted the students’ best work, and Riemer had quite a few selections.

He also won Best Sound Design for his thriller/horror short film, The Intruder, at the ASFI Film Festival in Miami in March. He also produced, shot and edited the City of Parkland promotional video which will be out later this summer.

With his list of accomplishments, it’s no surprise Joshua secured this unique opportunity and along with it, he is grateful for his parents’ support.

“My family is uprooting their lives for two and a half months because getting something this early on is a really big deal for me. I want to get as much experience as possible before I go into college and beyond.”

He plans to attend a film-based college, such as the University of Central Florida, Florida State University or another full-scale university, and major in film production. After college, he’s hoping to get a job as an intern at a production company and work his way up, ultimately resulting in a career either directing or cinematography.

Garner believes Joshua wants to do this with his heart.

“The fruit of his labor is being shown right now.”

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