Multiple Women Report of Driver Exposing Himself in Parkland
A still image from a video recorded by one of the victims and posted on Nextdoor shows the driver she alleges masturbated in front of her.

By Kevin Deutsch

Multiple women have been victimized by a man who exposes himself and masturbates while seated in his car at a Parkland intersection, according to law enforcement records.

At least two women have reported the lewd acts and indecent exposure to Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies, agency records show. Five additional women have come forward on social media to share their victimization experiences, according to online posts and one of the victims.

“Older white male subject was j—–g off in his car…looking at her while doing so,” BSO Deputy Brian Dodge wrote in a brief account of one incident.

“Caller concerned for other drivers in area.”

The unidentified flasher, who has not been arrested, masturbates at red lights in and around West Hillsboro Boulevard and North State Road 7, which borders multiple police jurisdictions, witnesses said. His modus operandi: waving to get the attention of women driving SUVs stopped at the intersection between 4 and 5 p.m., then masturbating when they look over.

“I could see somebody’s hands trying to get my attention, as I turned” out of a nearby shopping plaza, one of the seven known victims told Parkland Talk. “I see this guy, he has his pants down to his knees, and he’s masturbating. He has his passenger seat all the way down to give you a clearer view, and his window is down. I looked at him, and I was petrified. I turned around and started looking at the red light. I didn’t know what to do. He caught me cold.”

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous because she feared repercussions from the man, had the presence of mind to record a short video of him with her phone before the light changed.

“As I am trying to take his picture, he turned around and looked at me… I got really scared and dropped my phone. As the light turned, people started beeping at me, and he turned really fast. I was shaking.”

She said she found a police officer from Coconut Creek across the street and told him what happened. She has since reported the incident to BSO and posted the video and her account of the incident on the neighborhood social network Nextdoor, spurring six other women to reach out to her about their own victimization by the same man at the same intersection.

One of the victims had her children with her in the car, she said.

“Please be aware of your surroundings,” the woman urged female drivers in the area. “Even though it was a terrible experience, I am glad I didn’t have my children with me like I usually do.”

She said there is a preschool in a plaza at the intersection, meaning young moms are frequently stopped at the nearby red lights with their kids.

“These guys get comfortable when they don’t get caught, and this could escalate,” she said. “He needs to be caught.”

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Kevin Deutsch
Kevin Deutsch
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