Jealous Rage Turns Violent: Man Breaks into Apartment, Holds Ex-Girlfriend Captive in Terrifying Ordeal
James Robert Hughes. {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A man faces charges of false imprisonment, battery, burglary, and hindering an emergency call after allegedly breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and holding her captive in a jealous fit of rage. 

On May 13, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a battery and false imprisonment call from a residence in Parkland.

According to records, when deputies arrived, they were met by a visually upset victim who explained her ex-boyfriend, later identified as James Robert Hughes, 35, of Coral Springs, had forcefully entered her apartment, held her captive, stopped her from dialing 911, and battered her before fleeing her home. 

According to the victim, unaware he was upset, she had partially opened the door when Hughes arrived, but as she cracked the door, he quickly and forcefully pulled it open, barged into the apartment, and physically grabbed her. 

The victim told deputies Hughes, suspecting she had a male visitor,  immediately rushed towards her bedroom. After a brief search, he returned to her while she was in the process of calling 911.

The arrest report shows that Hughes allegedly snatched away the victim’s phone to stop the victim from calling for help. The victim told deputies he then went through her phone and initiated FaceTime calls with a male contact, seemingly attempting to confirm his suspicions of the man’s relationship with her.

During her statement to law enforcement, the victim said Hughes had essentially kidnapped her and held her against her will for over two hours.

Fearing that Hughes might cause her harm if she continued to seek help, the victim said she worked to make him comfortable and believed matters had passed. Only after Hughes calmed down and left her home on his own did she feel safe enough to call 911 and report the incident.

Hughes was later apprehended and taken into custody at his Coral Springs home near the 7400 block of Northwest 42nd Drive.

Upon questioning, Hughes admitted to law enforcement that he had no permission to enter his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and that he had forcibly taken the victim’s phone while she was in the process of dialing emergency services.

During a medical examination, injuries to the victim were observed, revealing visible redness and bruising on her arms. 

Hughes was arrested and transported to the Broward County Main Jail, where he will face charges related to unlawful entry, battery, and obstruction of communication.

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Ryan Yousefi
Ryan Yousefi
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