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Photo by Markus Spiske.

By Sharon Aron Baron

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Climate Sustainability Club members understand global warming is no hoax. Their mission is to promote sustainability in the community and, at meetings, inspire others to curb their carbon emissions.

“In every meeting, we always give our members advice on how even the simplest of actions, like washing your clothes with colder water, can have an impact on the environment,” said Co-President Raj Selvaraj.

The club also tries to forge alliances with people and companies that support their cause. Recently, they had a meeting with a youth activist named Aryan Ranjan, who gives speeches and TED talks on climate change.

On Saturday, they are holding a fundraiser with Chipotle because Ranjan said they done many things to promote sustainability,  from notifying customers of their impact their order has on the environment to training staff to be more mindful of food waste,

“Chipotle has taken the first steps into living sustainably. We are glad to partner with them for this occasion,” said Selvaraj.

Join the club at Chipotle on University and Wiles (4600 N University Dr) in Coral Springs on Saturday, January 23, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. for a fundraiser.  Use code 94MBR2G.

The Climate Sustainability Club meetings are held every other week, and the next meeting will be on Feb. 4.

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