North Broward Women's Service Organization Launches with August 16 Meet and Greet

By Ryan Yousefi

A new non-profit organization seeks members motivated to help “their corner of the world” through volunteerism and community service.

The North Broward Women’s Service Organization, a newly established non-profit, is inviting the community to get familiar with their mission at a Meet & Greet event that will take place on Wednesday, August 16, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., at the Deja Blue Restaurant located at 7805 North University Drive. 

The event aims to introduce the organization’s mission, membership opportunities, committee structure, and commitment to supporting the local community.

Founder Dawn Sullivan tells Parkland Talk the group is thrilled about the organization’s formation and the impactful goals it’s set out to accomplish, including supporting fellow organizations doing important work in the community.  

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“The main mission and purpose of the organization is to provide community service efforts and help ‘our corner of the world’ through volunteerism,” Sullivan shared.  

“We will come alongside other non-profit organizations and support them through our volunteer hours to reduce their overhead costs and provide hours to support their missions.”

Sullivan says the organization will focus on volunteerism and community service, efforts deeply rooted in Sullivan’s personal experiences. 

“I have been a part of organizations of this type since 5th grade. My mother was a member of the local women’s organization in Indiana, and I helped volunteer with her,” she shared.

“After moving to South Florida, I realized there was not an organization of this type in North Broward County and felt drawn to start one.”

Sullivan explains to Parkland Talk how the North Broward Women’s Service Organization and community engagement is evident in the organization’s committee structure. 

“The organization will have a volunteer Board of Directors and multiple committees, including a service committee tasked with finding organizations, a fundraising committee, and a scholarship committee.”

Sullivan also says the organization will focus on teaching the younger generation the benefits of doing good for the community by utilizing a Junior Committee, a section of the organization.

All student volunteer members will receive high school volunteer hours, often a requirement on college applications. 

“The Junior Committee will include high school students tasked with finding an organization to support through an activity or fundraising,” she said. 

For those interested in joining, the August 16 meet-up will provide further insight into the organization’s goals and opportunities. It will also be a networking hub that benefits everyone involved in the volunteer missions.

Sullivan says that membership in the North Broward Women’s Service Organization is open to all individuals who share a passion for community service. 

“There is one general membership category to join,” Sullivan noted. “Membership dues are tax-deductible, and members will receive a shirt and name tag for recognition during volunteering time.”

As the organization officially launches this September, it plans to engage in various community support activities throughout the year. 

Interested individuals can learn more about the North Broward Women’s Service Organization and its upcoming event by attending the upcoming gathering, contacting Dawn Sullivan at 954-887-0649, or via email at

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