Dog Goes Missing at Groomer

UPDATE: Thanks to our readers, Cole has been safely found.

By: Jen Russon

An Alaskan malamute went missing shortly after his owner dropped him off at a groomer, where witnesses say the dog escaped his holding crate, jumped over the counter, and escaped from the shop.

The dog was left at Groom & Go Pet Grooming 10728 Wiles Rd in  Coral Springs on Thursday.

The owner, Nadine Chambers, adopted Cole to serve as her emotional support dog when he was just three-years-old. Now age six, Cole, nicknamed Boo Boo, has been a constant companion and like a child to her.

“This is…my God, this is awful. My family and I have been frantically searching for Cole ever since I got the call from the groomer. They said he escaped around 2 p.m., and they weren’t able to find him,” said Chambers.

She added the dog was probably experiencing separation anxiety, and attempting to locate Chambers when he decided to run away on January 23.

Since his disappearance, Chambers and her daughter, Maddie, have distributed fliers in Coral Springs and in Pine Tree Estates, where Cole’s owner lives in Parkland.

Cole is about 28 inches tall and weighs close to 100 pounds. He has strawberry blonde and is white, and may run away when approached.

Chambers said she received one call already, that a dog matching Cole’s description was wandering streets just off Wiles Road.

Owner Desperately Seeks Dog Who Ran Away at Coral Springs Groomer 1

The neighborhoods close to the Groom & Go shop where the dog escaped are Kensington, Brookside, and Deer Run Springs. The American Humane Society recommends tips on getting a frightened dog to come to you, which includes contacting the authorities.

Chambers filed a missing dog report with the Coral Springs Police Humane Unit and said Cole is not chipped, nor was he wearing his collar with dog tags when he escaped Groom & Go.

“I put blankets outside my front door, hoping I’ll see him curled up there waiting for me. He must know Mama wants him home,” said Chambers.

She said she had taken her dog to Groom & Go once, maybe twice before, and regrets going in the first place because it’s too far from where she lives, just off Holmberg Road.

“They haven’t even apologized to me yet,” said Chambers, adding she doesn’t care about seeking justice or reparations at this point. She just wants her dog back.

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Jen Russon
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