By: Sharon Aron Baron

A bank robbery in Parkland was prevented thanks to alert bank officials who noticed a customer who was dressed a bit inappropriately for summer.

On Tuesday at around noon, a male suspect wearing flannel shirt, jeans, and a ski mask approached the front doors of a Mercantil Bank branch located at 8017 N University Drive in the Parkland Commons plaza.  He attempted to enter, however, was unable to gain entry.

“If you see someone on a balmy summer day trying to enter a bank in flannel and wearing a ski mask, you should call 911 from a safe distance,” said FBI Special Agent Michael Leverock.

Investigators believe a robbery was thwarted due to alert bank officials and are looking for any information on the identity of the suspect. Call the FBI at 754-703-2000 or Crimestoppers.

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Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron is a Parkland resident and editor of Talk Media. She has been covering Parkland news since 2012. Parkland Talk was created to provide News, Views, and Entertainment for the residents of Parkland.