Parkland Crime Update

By Jill Fox

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of crimes that occurred in Parkland through January 12.


11500 block of Osprey Trail
On January 10, the complainant reported that while attempting to use a weight machine in the Heron Bay Clubhouse gym, an unknown male threatened to strike him when he told him he could not use it first.


9900 block of NW 58 Court
On January 12, the victim reported that her daughter struck her numerous times after getting into an argument about cleaning her room. The victim did have visible marks on her left arm and provided a sworn statement. The female juvenile was placed into custody.

Burglary Conveyance

Desare Kohn Lasky

5900 block of NW 81 Terrace – Riverside Acres
On January 13, the caller advised an unknown suspect entered his unlocked vehicle between January 11 and 13. The suspect removed a briefcase and gym bag. The suspect had no permission to enter the vehicle

Child Abuse

12000 block of Lake House Lane – Parkland Bay
On January 7, the reporter advised her daughter sustained an injury to her left arm by the stepmother while she was at her father’s residence and wanted to document the incident.

Child Neglect

10500 block of South Lago Vista Circle – Cascata
a claim of child neglect. CPIS Investigator Gaines-Bradley CCN 12253 stated that Boca Raton had already spoken with the juvenile child as she attends a school in that city. After speaking with both parents, the conclusion is that the claims of child neglect were unfounded as the parents exhibited that they did provide their daughter with proper medical care.

Criminal Mischief

7191 North SR 7 – Chevron
On January 9, a subject driving a light-colored SUV attempted to open pump #4 but was unsuccessful. The tag was not captured on video.

Death Investigation

6000 block of NW 75 Court
On January 11, a mother found her 54-year-old son unresponsive in his bedroom. She began CPR, and he was transported by Rescue 44 unresponsive to NW Medical Center. He was pronounced deceased. The mother advised that her son had a heroin addiction.


6000 block of NW 72 Way – Pinetree Estates
On January 8, the reporter advised she had a court-issued No Harmful Contact Order against her husband, whom she was currently in the process of divorcing. The reporter stated her husband drove past her parents’ residence last night when he began to scream and requested for the incident to be documented.

12200 block of NW 72 Street – Heron Bay
On January 12, the father of a fifteen-year-old girl reported he was concerned about the nature and the tone of the texts his daughter sent to her friend.

10559 Trails End – Pine Trails Park
On January 12, a child fell at the Family Festival in the Surf City Play House and received a laceration to the front right side of his forehead. The child was transported to Coral Springs Hospital by Coral Springs Fire Rescue.


10300 block of Majestic Court – Parkland Estates
On January 10, deputies responded to the address in reference to trespassing. An unknown person(s) was living in a home that is listed for sale. The owner advised that the house was supposed to be empty.

Auto Theft – Motorcycle

5800 block of Holmberg Road – Bell Parkland Apartments
On January 8, the victim reported an unknown suspect(s) stole a Honda CVR motorcycle overnight from a parking space in front of building 35.


10700 Trails End – Park Trails Elementary School
On December 20, a student intentionally pinched another student on the arm with his glasses during class. The child sustained a small bruise on her arm. On that date, no administrative disciplinary action was taken. On January 7, after returning from winter break, the child was given a one-day internal suspension.

1100 Holmberg Road – Westglades Middle School
On January 8, deputies took a report of a student who made an inappropriate comment to a peer while they were horseplaying and was overheard by a teacher.

10700 Trails End – Park Trails Elementary School
On January 10, an information report referenced a 9-year-old student that fell and banged his forehead on the concrete. The school nurse advised fire rescue was not needed and contacted the mother. The student’s mother responded and took the student home.

10700 Trails End – Park Trails Elementary School
On January 10, a 6-year-old child arrived at school with visible bruising to the face. The child told his teacher and counselor that his father punched him. The Florida Abuse Hotline was notified. A detective responded to the school to continue the investigation. Once the investigation was completed, the father was arrested and charged with child abuse.

Author Profile

Jill Fox
Jill Fox
Jill Fox is an Emmy Award-winning writer and producer. She has worked in public relations and television for over 20 years. Fox lives in Parkland with her husband and their two children.

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