By Jill Fox

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of crimes that occurred in Parkland through September 23.  Names of those not arrested have been redacted.

Animal bite

9600 block of NW 58 Court/NW 97 Drive
On September 21, the victim stated that while walking her dog, she was bitten by two medium dogs that belonged to a neighbor. The victim transported herself to the hospital with minor lacerations.

Auto Theft

7200 block of NW 61 Terrace – Parkland Terraces
Sometime between 11 p.m. on September 16 and 8 a.m. on September 17, an unknown suspect(s) unlawfully entered and stole the victim’s Acura MDX, which was parked in her driveway. The vehicle was left unlocked and the key fob was left inside.

Burglary Conveyance

6200 block of NW 74 Court
On September 17, the victim reported her vehicle was left unlocked, and a Garmin GPS ($100) and a karate gym bag containing training equipment ($1,000) were stolen overnight. The area was canvased, and no witnesses were located.

7827 University Drive – Goddard School
On September 19, the victim had the passenger window of her Volvo SUV broken and a lunch bag ($5) taken. The incident was witnessed by a Goddard School employee, who observed a male subject in dark clothes reaching into the vehicle and taking the lunch bag. The subject then fled the parking lot in a black Honda.


5800 block of NW 66 Way
On September 18, a report of a fall injury was made. A Safeguard roofing employee fell off the roof, and landed on the driveway, hitting his right side.

10555 Trails End – Pine Trails Park
On September 19, deputies responded to the Pine Trails Park playground in reference to a juvenile disturbance, involving Park Trails Elementary school students.

5800 NW 66 Ave
On September 18, the complainant reported that the power wires to her pool had been severed. She believed that her ex-husband may have been involved.

11120 West Hillsboro Blvd – entrance to Heron Bay
On September 20, a Broward County School bus was entering the Heron Bay community when the gate arm bounced off the rear roof of the bus. There was no damage to the bus or gate, and no passengers were injured.

6650 University Drive – Broward County Sheriff Department
On September 21, an individual arrived at the BSO Parkland district office and wished to surrender their firearms in reference to a case. The firearms were placed in safekeeping.

Property Damage

6200 block of NW 101 Avenue
On September 17, the reporting person’s Mercedes was damaged by the entry gate to the Meadow Run community. The driver side of the vehicle was dented when the gate arm lowered prematurely on top of the vehicle. No injury was reported.


5901 Pine Island Road – Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
On September 17, deputies were notified by staff at MSD in regard to statements made by a 9th-grade student about former student Nicholas Cruz/threats on the school. School administration was notified of the incident, and a threat assessment was conducted.

5901 Pine Island Road – Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
On September 18, a 17-year-old male suffered a head injury

10700 Trails End – Park Trails Elementary
On September 19, an information report referenced a 9-year-old that had a drawing of a knife. No threat was involved, and the parent was contacted.

11000 Holmberg Road – Westglades Middle School
On September 17, Waste Management was found to not be following proper procedures regarding entrance gate use, and the issue was addressed by the school administration.

11000 Holmberg Road – Westglades Middle School
On September 18, deputies took a report of an assist to Fire Rescue, involving a student who temporarily lost consciousness while sitting inside a classroom. The child was not involved in any sports or other physical activity prior to the incident. The child’s parent arrived on the scene, who asked Coral Springs Fire Rescue to transport her child to the ER for further evaluation and treatment.

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Jill Fox
Jill Fox
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