Parkland Kids Can Spend Winter Break Playing Basketball with the Pros 1
Kingdom Basketball Training.

By Jill Fox

With winter break approaching, parents need to make plans and Kingdom Training’s Basketball Camp at the Parkland Recreation Center is a way to have your children make the most out of time off from school.

Open to boys and girls ages 6 to 16, the winter camp includes skill building, drills and fun games all packaged together to improve and maximize each child’s potential. Coach and owner Steve Allen said that the camp also focuses on leadership abilities and learning to communicate.

Allen, together with Cilk McSweeney founded Kingdom Training in 2009, with a desire to change children’s lives through the game of basketball. After basketball changed his life, he uses it as a tool for children to learn growth and motor skills in a safe environment, rather than sitting at home playing video games over winter break.

With the increased popularity of their summer camp, about five years ago, they began providing opportunities throughout the year for children to stay active, make new friends, learn the game and improve their basketball skill levels.

According to Allen, this camp is not exclusively about one sport. In addition to playing basketball, campers will take part in fun team games, like dodgeball, kickball and trivia. They even have the opportunity to hear guest speakers promoting a healthy lifestyle, among other topics.

One of the main reasons that Kingdom Training basketball camp is so unique is their great coaching staff. The majority of the coaches have pro-level playing or high-level coaching experience. Averaging nine to eleven players per coach, with assistant coaches consisting of high school and college players, Kingdom Training campers have gone on to play for top high schools and are heavily recruited for college sports.

With a mission to change lives by “Building Champions” one life at a time, they do know that not everyone will become a professional athlete.

“Our slogan, ‘Bigger than basketball’” means that it’s not just about basketball. We want kids that love sports, not just the best kids,” said Allen, who feels that the skills you learn through athletics are life lessons children will use later on.

Weather conditions won’t distract from the fun because the camp takes place on the courts inside the gymnasium.

Kingdom Training Basketball Camp runs from December 26 to the 28, and January 2 through the 4, as well as January 7 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with extended hours available. Lunch is provided, sign up at

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