By Jill Fox

Despite numerous COVID-19 restrictions in place, the Parkland Little League has hit the field once again.

While coaches are still determining how many players are returning to finish the season, the teams that are left are excited to be back at practice.

“Kids have been cooped up for so long, we just want them to get out and play some baseball,” said Little League President, Rob Travinski.

Having started in March, teams were only able to play one or two games, according to Travinski. Now, with some camps closed and nothing to do, he said, it’s more about the kids coming out and having fun.

“We’re not trying to be competitive, the teams are just practicing,” he said.

With about 80 percent of the players back on the field, teams can play a few more games, and may even follow with playoffs in late July or early August.

COVID-19 restrictions are in place, such as not using dugouts or bleachers, so parents attend the games with lawn chairs in tow.

Travinski said they are just trying to reestablish where they left off and get kids out to play with their friends, have some physical activity, and some sense of normalcy.

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Jill Fox
Jill Fox
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