Parkland Artist Nava Lundy.

By: Jen Russon

Parkland resident Nava Lundy has painted hundreds of subjects and is best known for her Muse collection: large canvases of women drinking coffee or wine, wearing shades, floppy hats, and perhaps channeling Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

The paintings are dreamlike, open to interpretation, and, put “ultra-femininity” on display in canvases like Coffee Shop Chic.

Coffee Shop Chic by Nava Lundy.

“All these women, these muses, command our attention. They seem both complicated and confident, vulnerable, and strong, challenging us to see these characteristics existing simultaneously,” explained Lundy.

In some of her recent pieces, Lundy has incorporated both male and female characters in her painting narratives and said she might be interested in recruiting a man as her next muse.

Lundy added her fervent hope that women who visit her solo exhibition at the Rosenbaum Contemporary and RFA Décor in Boca bring their partners along.   

So, how might guests dress to inspire?

Although Lundy hopes they develop their own muse character, it might be a good idea to check out her body of work at the Nava Gallery

Ludmillo Pierre Photography will be there (at solo exhibition on Nov 21) to capture the muses. Along with the guests we will collaborate to create “muse” poses and concepts.

The artist said that although beauty is fine, it’s the subject’s strength and attitude she admires.

“I definitely think it’s part style, but it’s mostly attitude. This night will be as much about becoming the art as viewing the art,” said the local artist. 

After all, Lundy’s art is a collaborative exercise. She is inspired by how light affects color and how a painting can blur the lines between abstraction, impressionism, and realism.   

“Even when I am not painting, I am either planning what to do next with a piece or deciding who my next muse should be, often dreaming about the marks on canvas I will make the next day.”

Some of the landscapes surrounding women in Lundy’s paintings aren’t so hard to imagine behind Lundy herself. For example, many of the muses she’s painted are on beaches, or in venues that could easily be in South Florida. 

This makes sense.

The painter grew up in Wellington, attending Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach. Now married to Matt, who practices law in Coral Springs, Lundy is the mother of five-year-old twins and a toddler.       

She said in spite of a hectic family life that includes volunteering at Park Trails Elementary, she basically “paints nonstop” at her home in Parkland’s Foxridge community.

It was in her home that Lundy initially thought she might find a new muse to paint – by hosting a dinner party; however, she eventually came up with an even better idea of holding a solo exhibition a little north of home in Boca Raton.

Enjoy Nava’s larger than life paintings and dress to inspire, and maybe you will be featured in an upcoming Nava Lundy original painting. Her art show is taking place on Thursday, November 21, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

RFA Decor is located at 150 Yamato Road, on the west side of the intersection at Dixie Highway. Although free, it is encouraged to RSVP to or call 561-994-4422 x150.

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Jen Russon
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