Teachers Parkland covid-19
Meghan Eferstein surprises a student in the MiraLago community.

By Jill Fox

Parents are missing their kids’ teachers — and apparently, some teachers are yearning for their students as well.

Over the past several days of spring break, dedicated teachers all over the country have been mobilizing to brighten students’ spirits during their long days at home.

parkland teachers covid-19
Brooke Pappas visits a student.

Some school districts, as close as Palm Beach County and as far as Colorado, have held teacher parades, with dozens of cars and principals even acting as grand marshals. In Parkland, a handful of vehicles have been spotted driving around with teachers in tow.

Now, Park Trails Elementary School teachers Meghan Eferstein and Brooke Pappas are checking in with their students from a safe and healthy distance.

Sabrina, whose son, Gabriel, is in their class, posted on Facebook that the teachers have spent their last three days visiting every single one of their students– 44 houses, all while social distancing.

Circling Parkland communities, holding up “We miss you” and “We love you” signs, the teachers surprised their students one by one, in various neighborhoods over the past few days.

Jordana, whose son, Jonah, is in the class, said the teachers sent out an email to parents saying they missed everyone and wanted to see them. Eferstein and Pappas, who team-teach fifth-grade, went to each community with signs, waving and honking their horns, to show how they missed their daily interactions.

“This isn’t out of the norm for them; it goes with their personalities,” said Jordana, “They’re such an incredible team.”

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