Tickets on Sale for 'Rage in a Cage' Live Wrestling Event September 9 1

By: Chris Brunner

It’s the reason for season where Coastal Championship Wrestling features their most intense event yet: Rage in a Cage.

On September 9, fans will experience a milestone in South Florida wrestling history with a steel cage match. The several tons of cold, unforgiving metal will see the latest chapter in the saga of heavyweight champion The G.O.A.T. and the challenger, Santos. After their last match, which left two referees on the ground and several more refusing to even enter the ring, a cage is the only thing that could possibly contain the fury of these two fierce competitors. Only one man will emerge from the twisted steel as CCW Heavyweight Champion, and neither will leave unscathed.

The night will also see the CCW debut of the real-life superhero, Hurricane Helms. The cape-clad former WWE superstar will be in tag team action with a mystery partner against resident CCW Tag Team Champions, The Droogs, who may be cunning, but they’ve never faced off against a category five.

The CCW women’s division will be heating up night, as well. “Lady of the Midway” Roxy Rouge, fiery upstart Anna Diaz, “Nova Girl” Amber Nova, and Women’s Champion Chelsea Durden will all be in attendance.

For the first time on American soil, Puerto Rican superstar Mighty Ursus will be competing that night. The masked 300 pounder is capable of feats unthinkable for a man his size. Also in action that night is former NXT, and current Ring of Honor, superstar Josh “The Goods” Woods.

The 20-man “Colossal Tussle” battle royal will also be featured. The competitors will battle to be the last man standing to claim the coveted prize of a title shot of their choosing. Included will be CCW Southeastern Champion Cha Cha Charlie, and all of your favorite CCW mainstays.

Don’t miss the action on Saturday, September 9th at Coral Springs Charter School. Parkland residents are also welcome to attend the event. Tickets start at just $10 and are on sale now at The first bell rings at 8 p.m.

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