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By: Sharon Aron Baron

Located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the University of Alabama has attracted Parkland, Florida residents to their campus.

Founded in 1831 as the state’s first public college, the university is also well-known for their Crimson Tide teams.

Over 38,000 students are enrolled at the University of Alabama and in the fall of 2019, the school had a total of 12,050 students named to the dean’s list with an academic record of 3.5 or above, or the president’s list with an academic record of 4.0 — which are all A’s.

Parkland students named to the president’s list:

Nicole Serwinowski
Sarah Nicole Shield
Mollie Shaina Weinstein

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Parkland students named to the dean’s list:

Keegan Matthew Hinsley
Molly Kathryn Reichard
Garret Morgan Rukes
Makenzie R Tokes
Sophie Madeline Weinstein

Congratulations to all the students.

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