Parkland’s Past: 13th Portal Marker Offers a Glimpse into City’s History 
13th Portal Marker in Parkland {Cassandra Spohn}

By Cassandra Spohn

The Parkland Historical Society erected its newest portal on May 15 at Margate-Blount Archeological site located west of Pine Trails Park at 11051 Trails End.

In a collection of historical markers planted throughout the city, each Portal of Parklands Past” tells a different story of important events occurring in Parkland over the years. 

Beginning in 2009, the historical society began the project. Markers are now located along walkways and paths in parks with the goal of approximately 20 more portals to be installed at a future date.

We want the public to know that there were people here before us with a story to tell,” said Jeff Schwartz, historical society president. “The history is so important. 100 years from now, somebody is going to want to know what happened to their families.” 

The first portal, Holmberg Road” was originally written by James Weiss, author of “The History of Parkland.” Upon further digging, City Commissioner Ken Cutler found additional information on Dr. John Louis Holmberg and his significance to Parkland. 

After I did my research, we found out who Holmberg really was and used my redrafted information to update the first portal,” said Commissioner Cutler. “As to the Margate-Blount site, Jeff [Schwartz] and I have a passion for archaeology. I did all of the research on the site, so it was natural for me to write it up.” 

 Margate-Blount Archeological site located west of Pine Trails Park.  
Margate-Blount Archeological site located west of Pine Trails Park.

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Cassandra Spohn
Cassandra Spohn
Cassandra Spohn graduated from Otterbein University obtaining her degree in media relations and dance. She moved to south Florida in 2014 and now resides in Parkland with her husband and daughter.
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