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Ohana is a Hawaiian word used to describe a group of people fighting for the same purpose. Office Evolution has brought just that to Coral Springs, with their “We’re all in this together” culture and passion for catering to dreamers, risk-takers, and doers.

Originating in Hawaii, according to their core values, Office Evolution is an Ohana of entrepreneurs, bound together, focusing on success.

Franchise owner and longtime South Florida resident Mark Mendel, is excited to bring together other local professionals, entrepreneurs and companies to help them grow, succeed, and reach their goals.

Whether starting a new business or 35 years into a career, Office Evolution provides a safe, affordable, and inspired workspace for the community.

“Particularly in this economic environment, business owners and professionals need to focus on growing their businesses, and we provide everything they need in one place,” said Mark.

From workspaces to executive amenities, concierge-like reception, live telephone answering, and meeting rooms – all without the worry of a lease, capital improvements, phone systems, or office staff.

“Our business allows sole-preneurs, start-ups, and businesses in any state of expansion to do what people have done in the digital age over the last five years,” said Mark. “We provide members what they want when they want it.”

Here’s how it works. Clients call Office Evolution for whatever type of workspace they need – a private office, a conference room, or a place to drop in and work for a few hours.

Office Evolution Brings Safe, Affordable, Inspired Workplace to Coral SpringsOffice Evolution Brings Safe, Affordable, Inspired Workplace to Coral SpringsOffice Evolution Brings Safe, Affordable, Inspired Workplace to Coral SpringsOffice Evolution Brings Safe, Affordable, Inspired Workplace to Coral SpringsOffice Evolution Brings Safe, Affordable, Inspired Workplace to Coral SpringsOffice Evolution Brings Safe, Affordable, Inspired Workplace to Coral Springs

“We have helped employees of companies whose offices have closed and don’t want the hassle of a lease, as well as others who are just in town for a day,” said Mark.

The franchise prides itself as the only shared workspace in the Parkland/Coral Springs area that has secured, covered parking, hurricane-proof windows, and is easily accessible on the first floor of a corporate building.

Having spent the last 20 years traveling extensively as a corporate executive, being back in the South Florida community was important to him.

Now Mark is trading in his passport for a chance to help others realize their dreams.

“When small business owners succeed, we all share in that success,” he said, adding the pandemic forced the issue of a trend that was already happening in the office industry.

With so many business professionals under one roof, he thinks of Office Evolution as a mini chamber of commerce.

“We have something to contribute to other businesses — both the services we provide as well as enhancing the community and their business exposure as well,” said Mark.

Upon entering, clients will meet Josh Mendel, Mark’s nephew, who will manage the Coral Springs location and brings extensive customer service and sales expertise to their Ohana.

“Like a good concierge at a hotel, we pride ourselves on great customer service – that’s what sets us apart,” said Mark.

And like a hotel, those who are traveling can use a conference room or office for as little as an hour in any of their 70 other locations around the country.

“If a member has a meeting in Tampa, they can use an office there for the day,” said Josh.

Other locations in Florida include Jacksonville, Plantation, and Tampa, and Mark plans to open more in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Office Evolution member Tim Corvino does quality assurance for software development. He said what he loves about his office is the family-owned vibe.

“We’ve been here for two months, and they’ve been nothing but great,” he said.

“We told them we’re a growing business, and they said they would work with us to get us whatever we need.”

They provide everything from safe and secure high-speed internet to a café, where someone can share coffee with a client. There are options for catering, as well as standard administrative tasks, like notaries.

“We allow people to scale up or down as they need, which allows businesses and professionals to conserve their capital and use it for their business rather than for their landlord,” said Mark.

Although they opened in January, they are already expanding and the renovated space will be completed in June. Currently, they are offering a grand opening “Hard Hat” special, where members will receive two months free with a year membership.

“Clients can reserve an office for a week, a month, a year – we have no minimum lease,” said Mark. “No build-out, no furniture needed, and we provide the utilities — just bring a laptop, and you’re ready to work,” he said.

Office Evolution is located at 3301 North University Drive, Suite 100. 754-203-0004

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Jill Fox
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